This is the forum of clan SERBIA. Here you can talk about our clan and of course of Return to castle Wolfenstein.
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 Recruiting Closed!!!

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Recruiting Closed!!! Empty
PostSubject: Recruiting Closed!!!   Recruiting Closed!!! Icon_minitimeMay 27th 2009, 00:22

Recruiting started when Serbia clan officially started to exist.From that period till now clan recruit many good members and persons.Now, Serbia clan has 51 members.Coz of that, we decided to stop recruiting new members.That is enough for now.You all know what happens when clan have to many members....We dont know when we will open again, maybe some day if we lose players...
So, topic about join will be ignored and deleted in future, sorry coz of that....
If you play very good, you are good person and if you are active on SerbiaDM or H4S we will notice you and we will call you to join.DONT, BUT DONT ask member to watch(that will only be bad for you, and you will lose chance).If you are good and active we will see you, you can count on that.
You all know what to do, try to be the best, and be patient.
Till the next opening!!!


Oj lijepa Srpska vilo,da li bi ti tesko bilo
da potrazis grob neznani, gde su srpski zli dusmani,
gde su tajno jedne noci u osveti i nemoci
ubili nam Srpskog bana,div-junaka sa Balkana
Otkrij nama tu istinu o velikom Srpskom sinu!
Odgovara bijela vila, ne brinite braco mila,
On zivi medj ljudima, Srpskom srcu i grudima.
Sto pitate, tajna nije, za viteza od Srbije?
Draza je od prvog dana stao u red velikana.
Ziv je Draza,umro nije dok je Srpstva i Srbije!
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Recruiting Closed!!!
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